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News- Same Sex Marriage and Same Sex Divorce in the UK

Will same-sex marriage just lead to same-sex divorce?

In the United Kingdom, only a man and a woman are permitted to legally marry. It looks like the UK government may soon allow gay and lesbian couples to also marry under the law. Would that change affect the high divorce rate in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland? Only time will tell. Divorce in the UK is common.

The matter of same-sex marriage will most likely be decided in the fall, reports Business Insider

News- New UK Divorce Settlement Breaks Records

Gay Hedge Fund Manager Pierre Lagrange Worth £300 million, may lose half in divorce

Co-Founder of hedge fund group GLG Pierre Lagrange is worth £300 million , but he may have to give half of his fortune to his soon-to-be ex-wife. Mr. Lagrange revealed to his wife that he was actually gay, and subsequently the marriage is dissolving in divorce. The resulting settlement may turn out tot be one of the largest in UK divorce records ever.

As noted bySpear’s Wealth Management Survey, a pre-nuptial agreement can alleviate risk in divorce settlements.

News-UK Divorce Rates Changing

Rates of marriage, divorce and pre-nuptial agreements in the UK

Here is some interesting news that is probably familiar to many people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: There are fewer divorces being performed in the UK, but that is due to the fact that there are fewer marriages being performed. According toThe Telegraph the divorce statistics show that divorce numbers are at their lowest level since back in 1974. The reduced rates of marriages and divorces are reflected in UK marriage records.

Overall in the UK, 6 out of 10 lawyers asked about their clients said that more engaged Brits are amenable to signing prenuptial agreements. The study also reported that falling out of love was a more common reason for divorce than extra-marital affairs or infidelity.

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