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UK Divorce Law Process: Part 3

About UK Divorce Files Continued

It should be clear that if you are looking for divorce records in the UK, older records are much harder to locate than divorce records from the last 20 to 30 years. There is a catalogue that makes it easier for people to conduct a search if they are looking for a particular type of divorce petition. An online divorce records search is a good option to consider for both older and newer UK public records.

Don’t forget, a UK public records database search can simplify the process of locating and ordering UK divorce records.

UK Divorce Law Process: Part 2

About UK Divorce Files, Continued

While it is likely that the majority of case files do not contain the less formal documents, some files are “full files,” or files that do contain these documents. If you are looking for divorce records in the UK, it is important that you understand that few files survived after 1937.

Currently in the UK, divorce case files are destroyed 20 years after a divorce. You can apply to the relevant court to gain permission to view the UK divorce case file within this 20 year time limit.

UK Divorce Law Process: Part 1

About UK Divorce Files

A new UK divorce file is created for each UK divorce case, whether it ultimately results in divorce or not. The file contains the original petition and response. It also contains any relevant certificates, such as birth or marriage certificates. The file may also contain copies of decrees, and possibly even evidence.

Divorce Records in the UK- How to Find What You Want to Know

UK Divorce Records: A Few Search Tips

While divorce is a common occurrence in today’s world, divorce records in the UK were not required to be officially recorded until 1858. If you would like to obtain divorce records in the UK, you will need to request a search from the Central Index of Decrees Absolute, or the CIDA. In order to do this, you will be required to download a form from the Courts Service website and post it to the Principal Registry of the Family Division. Official records from prior to 1858 are not available, but you may be able to find secular documents by searching the British Library. Doing an online search may be easier and less time consuming that taking the above steps, so you might consider doing an online search for UK divorce records first.

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