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How to Search for Divorce Records in the UK

How to Search for Divorce Records in the UK

Divorce is a common occurrence in this society. The ease of getting a divorce has become common place. When looking for divorce records in the United Kingdom (UK), it poses more challenging. Divorce records can be found in a host of different places. Since divorces occur in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, your search can get a little more complicated if you do not have all the information required.

Sometimes a person may have to visit the court in person to ensure they find the correct divorce record. However, many online agencies, including the UK government itself, allows a person to log on and search divorce records. However, that person will need all the pertinent information before conducting a thorough search.


Location of the divorce is one of the more pieces of information you will need when narrowing down where to search for a divorce in the UK. This can be achieved by knowing where the person lived at the time of the divorce.


The name of the petitioner and respondent will also be an important piece of information when searching for divorce records. Having both names will prevent you from looking through divorce records of people who may have the same name.


Knowing the date of the divorce or even the year of the divorce and prevent you from search many of the divorce records that are maintained in the UK. You don’t want to spend valuable time reviewing several years of records to find the one you want.

All of this data will only help, whether you use an online service or go in person to the National Archives in England or Scotland. A lot of divorce records are kept in a database that can be accessed through the Internet, but getting a copy of a divorce decree can only be done in person. Whatever the reason you are searching for a divorce record in the UK, you have to spend some time gathering the correct information. Without any of this data, you will have a hard time discovering the information you are searching for. By asking questions or knowing everything you can about the divorce record you are searching, you will only make the search easier and retrieve the information you require.

Finding Divorce Records in the UK

Finding Divorce Records in the United Kingdom

Have you ever been curious as to where divorce records are located in the United Kingdom? There are a plethora of different reasons that would necessitate this type of information. An individual may need a copy of their own divorce records to validate their divorce. Whatever the reason may be, it is essential that one know’s where these records may be obtained.

A very important concept to consider when answering this question, is to understand that UK divorce records are not generally available online. Thus, repetitiously searching through websites will not lead to any fruitful results. However, they are public record, and thus can be viewed when visiting the specific locations that they are subsequently held. In doing this, it is essential that you know the names of the petitioner of the divorce and the respondent and the date at which the divorce was filed. The more information that you can procure about the record in which you wish to find, the easier the process will become. However, it is important that you request these files in person, an not through other means.

The location of the divorce record is contingent upon the country in which it was filed, as well as the the date in which it was filed. Divorces in England and Wales that occurred between 1858 and 1937 can be found in the National Archives of England. For divorces filed after 1937 they can be found at the General Register Office of England, as well as the National Archives of England previously mentioned, depending on the specifics of the record. in question.

All divorces that were filed in Scotland before 1984 can be found int the National Archives of Scotland. For divorces filed after 1984, they can be found at the General Registrar Office for Scotland.

Divorce records filed in Northern Ireland may be found held at either the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast, or with the county court where the divorce was filed. Further research is necessitated in order to identify where the record in question is located.

While these are the primary locations for divorce records in the United Kingdom, there may be certain records, may not be found here or may require additional research in order to be obtained.

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